Digitangle’s Birthday! Win Cake!

Digitangle’s Birthday! Win Cake!

On the 12th July we’re celebrating Digitangle’s 1st birthday. We’d like you to get involved too! Hey Little Cupcake LogoEnter your name & postcode for a chance to win the most beautiful cupcakes, handmade in a Digitangle style by Hey Little Cupcake, so they might remind you of us, and of all things digital and marketing..

How to enter

Enter by Twitter, Blog, Facebook or Google+:
Leave a comment below
Tweet @Digitangle with your postcode (and if you like, your story)
Add your entry using the Facebook page
Or add a comment on our Google Plus page.

Extra chance!

Hey Little Cupcake Cakes For an extra chance, tell us your story about how you got into the Marketing or Digital industry.

Did you always love technology?

Were you inspired by someone special?

Did you stumble into your role?

We’ll pick a winner on the 12th July and send the cakes to you that day.

The cupcakes will be freshly made, so we’re limiting this to the Manchester area (within 10 miles of the city centre); There will be a little prize delivered by post to a winner outside of the area.

8 responses to “Digitangle’s Birthday! Win Cake!


Happy Birthday Digitangle!

Katrina Gallagher

Thanks Roy! 🙂

Hannah Farrell

Congratulations on your first year!! The cakes look yummy! Still getting the hang of digital marketing but making progress into the 6 month plan thanks to your help!
Good luck for the next year ahead!
(just realised- crazy amount of !!! In this comment!)

Katrina Gallagher

Thanks Hannah!
Perfect amount of !!! 🙂
Glad you’re making good progress!


Happy birthday – what better way to celebrate than with cake? 🙂

Katrina Gallagher

Thanks Sarah, I can’t think of a better way!
Am I right in thinking that you are the notorious toast dodger?


Many happy returns Digitangle! How fast has that first year gone?? Well done boss, your doing a great job. Hope you are still enjoying the challenge. =)

Katrina Gallagher

Thanks Jimbo! It’s flown by, and yes I’m still enjoying the roller-coaster!

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