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  • B2B Social Media Marketing

    I was at a conference recently, and was asked for good examples of B2B social media campaigns. It’s so easy to think about good campaigns – I immediately had entertaining and memorable campaigns rushing round my head like the Old Spice man on a horse videos, Oreo and Twix Twitter banter, Sony’s Pinterest campaigns, and Lynx newsjacking antics, but I was really struggling to filter for anything that wasn’t consumer focussed.

    Social media is often associated with breaking down walls between companies and their consumers, and I was sure there must be some creative uses in B2B. It was actually harder to find good examples than I first realised, and that might be because the audience is more specific and targeted.

    After some digging around, we came up with these examples.


    Hubspot b2b marketing campaign

    HubSpot holds an annual conference called INBOUND. It is typically a four-day event in Boston where professionals meet, learn, watch, talk, network with thought leaders and other experts.

    This year, HubSpot began posting full video clips of keynotes and guest speaker sessions on YouTube. Providing more content from live events allows an even wider reach for its live events through YouTube. Hubspot was able to accumulate over 30,000 views within a few weeks.

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