Marketing Competition – Ideas & Suggestions

Marketing Competition – Ideas & Suggestions

Digitangle Kindle Competition Your feedback is really valuable, which is why we’re running this little campaign.

We want to provide content that’s useful and interesting to people who are interested in Marketing… if that’s you, then let us know what you think.

Things that qualify:

You’ve spotted an error
You have a marketing related question that you’d like answered or investigated
You would like to know more about a certain marketing topic
You want to use your business as an example & get some ideas on how to market it
Enter your suggestions via Twitter by adding @Digitangle to your suggestion, on Facebook using the entry form on our page, or here on the blog in the comment box below. If you’d prefer to send a link to a YouTube video or add an image, that’s fine too, and multiple entries are allowed.

Entries close on Thursday 30th May, and we’ll select a shortlist, and ask for your help to pick a winner on Friday 31st May.


5 responses to “Marketing Competition – Ideas & Suggestions


I'd be interested to here about all the good new stuff around Universal Analytics. We'll be having a play with some of it at PushON but take a look at for some inspiration of just how much of a game changer it could be.

Katrina Gallagher

Good idea, thanks Roy!


I think an article on the top ten most successful marketing campaigns in the last ten years would be an interesting read. What they did and how they did it maybe? Or the top ten funniest marketing campaigns or maybe a series of top ten marketing articles?! :o)

Katrina Gallagher

I like it, thanks Toni!
The first challenge with that one is how you evaluate them. Figuring out the how each performed, how much they cost, how long they took, and how good the creative is.
Top ten series sounds good too. We've got post along those lines coming up covering B2B Social Media campaigns, after a tricky question at the Technology for Advertising & Marketing conference...

Katrina Gallagher

Voting is now open!
Go to our Facebook poll page to vote for your favourite idea.

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