How To Track Goals In Google Analytics Using Contact Form 7

How To Track Goals In Google Analytics Using Contact Form 7


Goal tracking

Goal Tracking is vital for an effective marketing campaign.

If you’re using WordPress, with Contact Form 7 and Google Analytics, here are some quick steps to put goal tracking in place.
This will to allow you to see conversions (i.e. how many people submitted an enquiry), and where those people are coming from.

It’ll involve a bit of fiddling with settings (or development time from your web team), but it’ll be worth seeing the number of conversions and visits in the one place.

In WordPress

In the admin area of WordPress, go to the Contact Form 7 form, and at the bottom of the contact form management page; insert the following line into the additional settings box:

on_sent_ok: "_gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Contact Form', 'Submit']);"

In Google Analytics

Then in the admin of Google Analytics:

  1. Add a new goal;
  2. Select the enquiry/contact us template
  3. Select “event” as the goal type
  4. Add “Contact Form” as the category
  5. Add “Submit” as the action.
  6. Create the goal.

Put through a test submission and check the following day.

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