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Heidi Grant Halvorson The Incredible Benefits of a Get Better Mindset

Swap the ‘Be Good’ for the ‘Growth’ Mindset

I wholeheartedly believe in the progress principle – continuous learning, testing & improving is a huge motivator for me and, whether it’s cause or effect, I’m fascinated by marketing experiments and love watching incremental improvements in results. I stumbled upon this short video from the lovely Heidi Grant Halvorson, which sums up the ‘Growth Mindset’.…


Smart Tactics In Book Marketing – Tim Ferriss’s Free Audiobook

I loved Tim’s first book ‘The Four Hour Work Week’; it’s all about improving efficiency, prioritising, removing “work for work’s sake” and questioning common practice. Tim used smart tactics to design the title, strapline and book cover – anyone interested in the Lean Startup or Conversion Rate Optimisation would be proud of him: He used a…


7Ps: Why Mobile Marketing Went Right For British Airways

The marketing mix is a framework that anyone familiar with marketing is aware of. But for those of you that aren’t familiar: the marketing mix is in reference to “the 4Ps” of marketing: product, place, price, and promotion. This framework is useful in developing overall brands, products, and services. In light of a more service-oriented…