PPC Checklist – Routine checkup

Managing a PPC campaign manually can be a wandering mess if you don’t have some sort of structure and routine to keep you focused.

Here is a PPC checklist that will give you rough structure where you can run through periodically to check that your campaign is in good shape.

Regular PPC campaign checks

Check the various dimensions in reporting section of the online tool, and identify best and worst performing segments. Modify bids accordingly – e.g. Friday sales are hot, so increase your budget or bid, Cost per conversion on Sunday between 1-4am is too high, so disable ads for this time.

Ensure you have gathered enough data before making decisions – e.g. if one keyword has 0% conversion, but only received a couple of clicks, it’s too early to tell if it’s a dead duck.

Review competitor activity – have they added anything new?

Are there any price adjustments that need to be reflected in your adverts?

Review keywords – are you receiving traffic for unexpected phrases?

Review advert performance, kill off poor performing adverts, and create new adverts to test.

Review landing page performance – arrange new landing page tests.

Review display network placements – check adverts are not placed on sites that would damage the brand.