PPC Checklist – Setup & Launch

We’ve put together a few things to remember when setting up a PPC campaign.

It won’t guarantee a successful campaign, but having a PPC checklist might avoid the odd disaster – e.g. forgetting to set your geographic targeting, or to remove placeholder text.

Have a quick run through your account before you press the launch button!

Setting up & Launching a PPC campaign

Check search volume using a keyword research tool

Check competitor adverts by searching around the topic

Check competitor keywords, spend & seasonality using research tools (see the tools section)

Check synonyms and related words – keep a close eye on keyphrases with double meanings

Add negative keywords to exclude words with a different user intent (e.g. you sell apples, people are looking for photos of apples.

Spell check your adverts

Create relevant advert extensions (click to call, sitelinks, local, app).

Check all adverts link through to a good landing page

Check your geographic target.

Check your budget.

Ensure conversion tracking is in place & contact forms work.

Add re-marketing code and set up re-marketing lists