Traffic Improvement Calculator

This is incredibly rough, but we can give you an idea of the improvement that you can make if you increase the search rankings in Google for your website with a traffic improvement calculator.


The assumptions are based on the following:

Ranking Position CTR
1 18.20%
2 10.05%
3 7.22%
4 4.81%
5 3.09%
6 2.76%
7 1.88%
8 1.75%
9 1.52%
10 1.04%

Click through rate (CTR) based on a study by SlingshotSEO – thanks to David Taylor of Coffeepot Digital for the heads up.


Bear in mind that the click through rate and ranking results for a website for any given term will differ depending on the user viewing the search results – variations occur :

When the user is logged in
If the user is connected to someone who has clicked G+ on a related search
Depending on the location of the user
The device they are using (mobile results differ from desktop for example)
Whether there’s something fresh/news based around the topic
Advertising (your own or competitor advertising)

The CTRs are from a 2011, and there have been a number of search results page design updates.

The content and layout of the search results page will differ based on the type of search (e.g. some searches may feature more video, image or local content).