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Analytics Training Videos – Digital Marketing

How to identify revenue and conversion drivers

Before spending any money on marketing or PR, make sure you can measure how effective your campaigns are. You can use Google Analytics for this.

How campaign attribution works in Google Analytics

Campaign attribution refers to how Google chooses which traffic source to give credit to when there may be more than one visit by a user.

Auto tagging Google AdWords to see results in Analytics

Google AdWords works well with Analytics, and allows you to automatically track campaign details, cost per click data, adverts and keywords in Google Analytics reports.

How Analytics works out time on page and time on site

The average time on page, and average time on site metrics at crudely worked out by Analytics by the time stamp for when a page is loaded.

How to tag your links manually to track in Google Analytics

If you're doing email marketing or offline marketing, you can track links by adding the details that you want in Google Analytics to the end of your links.

Adding Annotations to Google Analytics

You can add an annotation to your Google Analytics profile by clicking on the dot for that day within a graph, or clicking on the tab underneath the graph.

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