Social Media Marketing

Social Media Course Content

The Social Media Marketing course content will vary dramatically, based on the people attending the course. This is because your industry, location, target audience and the amount of leeway you have with your brand, will determine which social networks are appropriate to your situation.

Every course will cover social media strategy and some of the most common networks and tools, as well as how to monitor the effectiveness of your efforts, so whatever you learn on this course will still help if your objectives change in future.

Find out more, or let us know that you’re interested in a course in your area using the contact us page. We’ll do what we can to organise something to suit you.

  • Strategy
    • Customising your strategy for different objectives.
      • Competitions.
      • Seasonal.
      • Time based.
      • In response to events.
      • In response to stock levels or company changes.
  • Channels
    • Selecting channels for your audience.
    • Quirks & tips for different channels.
  • Analysis
    • Tracking.
    • Targeting.
    • Reporting.
    • Optimisation.
  • Graphics for Social Media
    • Branded template images.
    • Creating animated gifs.
    • Creating short videos.
    • Image optimisation (editing the size, channel specifications).
  • Interaction
    • Communities/groups.
    • Messaging.
    • Templates.
  • Resources
    • Free images, videos & templates.
    • Mobile & desktop tools.
  • Quality management
    • Approval processes.
    • Spelling & grammar tools.
    • Tone of voice & brand.
  • Automation
    • Setup.
    • Pitfalls.
    • Troubleshooting.