Are you a Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or something else?

Are you a Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or something else?

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Oh winter grimness… I hope this cheers you up, because it’s cake time again!

Are you a Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or something else?

How to enter the competition

Choose which chap represents you most accurately and explain why in the comments area of this blog post.

Extra entries

Bonus entry for a really well thought out or funny explanation.
Share the competition on Twitter – make sure you add a link and mention @Digitangle. Or just copy and paste the following: “Hey! @Digitangle is giving away cakes. Just tell them whether you’re a Panda, Penguin or Hummingbird & why!”
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12 Delicious Handmade Brownies.
1 x Gift Bag of Retro Sweets.

How the winner will be picked

There will be 2 winners picked, one will receive a batch of brownies from Just Brownies, and the other, a gift bag of sweets.

Brownies will be Posted Royal Mail™ First Class Signed For, and sweets will be posted standard class.

All entries will go into a list, if you’ve gained extra entries, your name will be added an extra time for each additional entry.

The winner will be picked using the Random Thing Picker.


Closing Date

8th November 2013


Anyone living in the UK and over the age of 18 can enter.
To be eligible to receive a prize, you must provide the delivery address that you want the cakes or sweets going to within 30 days. After this point, a new winner will be picked.
We may send an alternative prize of equivalent value.
Comments may be moderated for spam/abuse…. you’re a friendly bunch, so I’m sure that won’t be necessary!

9 responses to “Are you a Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird, or something else?

Ryan Gallagher

I’m a penguin
Because I like brownies and sweets

Andy Kinsey

I’m a hummingbird, I care for all and not that weird spammy stuff on the web 😛


Ace, thanks Ryan and Andy!

Deborah Harney

Im definitely a p-p-p-p-penguin , ‘cos they make me think of choccies!

Katrina Gallagher

Thanks Deborah! You’ve made me very hungry now!

Katrina Gallagher

Congratulations to Andy who wins 12 Delicious Handmade Brownies!
And runner up prize goes to Ryan!
Everyone’s a winner… literally! 🙂

Katrina Gallagher

Choice of the following flavour brownies:

Original Chocolate – The Classic. Made with lots of dark chocolate giving this brownie a rich, gooey texture. Chocoholics will love this! – (GF)

Chilli Chocolate – Designed for those who like an adventure when it comes to the taste buds. Slithers of fresh red chillies, a generous pinch of cinnamon and a dusting of dried chilli flakes. – Go on…be a devil! (GF)

Chocolate Orange – Rich velvety texture with natural Valencia Orange oil extract to give this brownie its citrus kick and topped with sliced of fresh orange before baking. (GF)

Mint chocolate – For all those ‘Mintaholics’ out there, made with ‘American Peppermint Extract’ with mint imperials inside the brownie mix. – An After dinner chocolate brownie perhaps? (GF)

Hazelnut*- Toasted Hazelnuts are added on top just before baking (GF)

Turkish Delight – Rose scented brownie dusted with icing sugar. (GF)

Banoffee – The original brownie with toffee pieces and topped with banana chips. (GF)

Cookies and Cream – American chocolate & vanilla flavour Oreo cookies are added to the brownie just before baking

Rocky Road – A brownie packed with yummy goodies, marshmallows, glace cherries, and Rich Tea biscuits. Decorated with melted marshmallows on top.

Epresso Coffee – Rich velvety brownie with a delicate base flavour followed by a kick of intense coffee kick from the roasted espresso coffee beans on top. (GF)

Retro Sweetshop ~ Original Brownie decorated with white Jazzies on top.

Pecan and Toffee ~ Crushed pecan nut topped brownies with sticky toffee pieces inside each brownie (GF)

Cookie Monster ~ Maryland Cookies are added to the brownie tray bake just before baking

Peanut Butter* ~ Americas favourite, Crunchy peanut butter running through the brownie.

Sea salt and Caramel fudge – Fudge and toffee pieces with a scattering of Cornish sea salt flakes.

Stem Ginger** – A rich decadent brownie with the addition of spicy warming pieces of Stem Ginger, ground ginger and decorated with Crystallised ginger on top. – A marriage made in heaven.

Andy Kinsey

Ah now I am rather excited! YAY

Katrina Gallagher

Great! 🙂

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