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  • Website Language Translation For Chipmonks

    This might be useful if you’re thinking of expanding your business into another country or targeting users in a different language, or if you’re already using the plugin. It’s a quick guide to using the language translation plugin (WPML) for WordPress. Here’s the video that explains how to work between different language versions of a […]

  • SEO Quick Lists and Visual Guides

    I absolutely love, I’ve been using their tools & reading articles by Rand and his contributors for years (previously under the name SEOMoz). These visual guides are some of my favourites on their site, and I keep them handy to speed up website reviews, blog posts or marketing plans.
    Checklists really help improve efficiency and reduce the chances that you’ll make mistakes or forget something, so you might want to bookmark each post (see original links below).

    Features of an optimised web page


    From this great Moz post: Visual Guide to Keyword Targeting and On-Page SEO

    SEO Web Developer Cheat Sheet

    web developer cheat sheet 1

    web developer cheat sheet 4

    web developer cheat sheet 3

    web developer cheat sheet 2

    Search Engine Ranking Factors


    Download the full PDF from

  • No Support for Windows XP – Joy for Web Developers?

    As of tomorrow (8th April 2014), Microsoft will no longer be offering automatic updates and security patches for XP, which means that many people will need to update to a newer operating system or chance it without support. Windows XP launched in October 2001 (see timeline below), and despite it’s elderly status, is still the […]

  • Marketing More Productively: Time Management Tips

    Marketing More Productively There are so many opportunities to do exciting, creative things when you’re marketing a product, that you don’t have time to do everything, and it can sometimes mean that you don’t know where to start. It can be easy to get carried away – but remember that Marketing without a conversion, sale or other […]

  • How to set up a Branded Short URL

    What is a Short URL Literally, a short version of a webpage address or link. Instead of sending someone to a link like this:  You can send them to it using this : You’ll often see abbreviated links that redirect you to a longer web address, and it’s become much more popular as social networks […]

  • Marketing Conferences for 2014/2015

    Last year’s list of UK Marketing conferences was pretty popular, so we’ve put together details of a fresh batch of events for 2014 and 2015. There are some pretty exciting line-ups this year, with experts in their field talking about web analytics, conversion rate optimisation, user experience, web design, mobile marketing, social media, affiliate marketing, and […]

  • B2B Social Media Marketing

    I was at a conference recently, and was asked for good examples of B2B social media campaigns. It’s so easy to think about good campaigns – I immediately had entertaining and memorable campaigns rushing round my head like the Old Spice man on a horse videos, Oreo and Twix Twitter banter, Sony’s Pinterest campaigns, and Lynx newsjacking antics, but I was really struggling to filter for anything that wasn’t consumer focussed.

    Social media is often associated with breaking down walls between companies and their consumers, and I was sure there must be some creative uses in B2B. It was actually harder to find good examples than I first realised, and that might be because the audience is more specific and targeted.

    After some digging around, we came up with these examples.


    Hubspot b2b marketing campaign

    HubSpot holds an annual conference called INBOUND. It is typically a four-day event in Boston where professionals meet, learn, watch, talk, network with thought leaders and other experts.

    This year, HubSpot began posting full video clips of keynotes and guest speaker sessions on YouTube. Providing more content from live events allows an even wider reach for its live events through YouTube. Hubspot was able to accumulate over 30,000 views within a few weeks.